Discovering fascinating code snippets across the web is a common occurrence for me. On this page, I stash all the good stuff that I find. Focus will be on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but also other areas from the wonderfull world of web development. Put on your best shirt and go to town.

Neat trick with flex box and margin block auto

Margin-block-auto can be a smart way to work faster and smarter with flex box elements. It […]

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Quick look at nth-of-type

The nth-of-type selector allows you to select elements based on their position within a parent container. […]

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Grid and min max width in CSS

Creating responsive layout can sometimes be tricky. There are many scenarioes you have to take into […]

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Make child element break out of parent container

I came across a cool feature in CSS where you can apply box-shadow and clip-path to […]

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