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PII Guard website

Design and development of PII Guards website. It was a great and fun task with cool […]

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Cool video slider

I came across this really beatifull website on awwwards from the danish company Novo Holdings. On […]

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Graphic user interface and frontend development for customer admin board

Here I did the GUI and some of the frontend design and development for the companys […]

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Multi-step form challenge from Frontendmentor

This was a fun challenge from www.frontendmentor.io and a good way for me to sharpen my […]

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FAQ onepager about GDPR and Google Analytics

A FAQ page where we explain the problems and challanges about GDPR and Google Analytics. Very […]

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Onepage website for software product

A one-page web design I did for a software product enables customers to make their website […]

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A small fun function that animates a users rating using starts and faces (HTML, CSS & […]

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GDPR website scanner

A website that scans websites for GDPR related concerns and list them with detailed information. I […]

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Chart animation

Animating chart with percentages. User can add new percentage and change color and add text and […]

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Website for Business Insights

Website developed in WordPress for the danish fintech company Business Insights. It was one of my […]

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