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Onepage website for Pine Creek Games

Did a small onepage website for Pine Creek Games in pure HTML, CSS and Javascript. Fun […]

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Neat trick with flex box and margin block auto

Margin-block-auto can be a smart way to work faster and smarter with flex box elements. It […]

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PII Guard website

Design and development of PII Guards website. It was a great and fun task with cool […]

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Quick look at nth-of-type

The nth-of-type selector allows you to select elements based on their position within a parent container. […]

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Grid and min max width in CSS

Creating responsive layout can sometimes be tricky. There are many scenarioes you have to take into […]

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Make child element break out of parent container

I came across a cool feature in CSS where you can apply box-shadow and clip-path to […]

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Cool video slider

I came across this really beatifull website on awwwards from the danish company Novo Holdings. On […]

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Slider for Linkedin post

A slider for linkedin that illustrated the ease of using our product

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Sales material for print

Examples of sales material I did at PII Guard for print.

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Display for exhibition

I did these displays (rollups) for the Eurostar exhibition 2023 that we attended

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